Saturday, August 21, 2010


For those of you who are applying to doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology... I am sure you know what a seemingly impossible feat that may be.

Only about 5% of those who apply get accepted!!

These days, more and more are opting for graduate school since the job market isn't exactly promising either.

Anyway, I hope to dedicate some of my posts to my application process. I think it will help relieve some stress in the process for me and hopefully you other applicants will be able to empathize with me. :)

Today I wanted to give you a little bit of background about me.


I graduated last year with a good GPA from a good state school.
I had AVERAGE GRE scores of about 1200.
I had research experiences in multiple labs.
I wrote a senior thesis.
I did not have any publications, but I did do some poster and oral presentations.
I am now a full-time research assistant.


Last year I applied to 13 schools. I spread myself pretty thin.
I applied to 6 Clinical, 3 I/O, 1 School, and 4 Master's programs.

I interviewed at two places (one clinical and one school psyc)
I was put on two waiting lists (one clinical and one I/O), but subsequently rejected.
I was accepted into the school psychology program and one I/O program (as a master's not a PHD)
In the end, the school psyc program was not for me and the I/O master's was too expensive.

That is where I am now... actively cultivating my research experience and giving it another try.

This time around, I will only apply to programs I will actually go to (no more school psyc for me). Half of the schools I apply for will be clinical and the other half I/O. I will NOT be applying to any master's programs. I feel that since I really love my job, it would be better to stay an extra year to get even more research experience and apply again, rather than to PAY for a master's. Either way, I will be just as well off in either scenario.

I learned a lot from the first time around. I have a good feeling about this batch of applications. I will share my tips in subsequent "ALL ABOUT APPS" posts so stay tuned!!! Feel free to ask me any questions! GOOD LUCK!!!



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