Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Back!!

It has been WAY too long since I have written a post!  I recently decided, after some inspiration from a dear friend, janimal, to revive this blog.  Note the new header, as designed from janimal.  If you LOVE it as much as I do, I highly suggest you follow her design blog:

For all of who you may be wondering why my old posts have been deleted, it is because I would like to start anew.  Since I have given my boyfriend, aka Biff, my URL... I can no longer use this blog as a forum for the horrible and grave injustices that he submits me to ;) 

Instead, I plan to take this blog to another and even better direction.  Instead of focusing on my relationship with Biff, I will focus more on the other things that define my life, like navigating my first year out of college as a "young professional", transitioning from living on my own to living back with my mom (for now), and just things I love and enjoy (friends, food, clothing, fun websites, etc.)!!  Of course, for those who may be interested, I will probably still chronicle my relationship with Biff but not as often.  I mean we've been together for a long time... he's bound to creep in to my posts. 

I am also happy to announce that I will dedicate some of my posts to my clinical psych PHD applications, since they are a major part of my life. I will call it "ALL ABOUT APPS".

Lastly, I will also post more frequently so hopefully there will be a little something for everyone!  I hope you will continue to read and watch my journey unfold!!!  Thanks for the support!!!  For those of you who are new, WELCOME (and don't worry you haven't missed out on anything yet)



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