Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Vacay

I just got back from a nice short vacation. So glad that I used my extra day off work to travel! (instead of what they call a "staycation") It was really nice to get away because I know if I had stayed... I would feel compelled to do grad applications. :(

The plane rides weren't even so bad! Luckily for me, flying was smooth and very short (about an hour each way). These were even little tiny jets! Hopefully one day I will be able to hop onto a plane without any hesitation.

This trip reminded me of what it likes to be back in college. Fun and care-free. I felt like I accomplished so much in the last three days. I reunited with Biff, I saw some good ol' friends, and even explored a new city! I was even not tempted to be my usual lame self and to go bed around 10/12 at the latest.

It was very hard for me to leave! I wanted to stay so badly!!! BUT... in the end it is for the best that Biff and I are long distance right now. My heart is growing fonder and we are both building a strong foundation for our future careers. We are both getting invaluable experience in opportunities that we could not find elsewhere. It was easy to relate to the new "going the distance" movie with drew barrymore and justin long (a pretty funny and good movie, fyi)

It feels weird now that I am back that I need to go to work tomorrow!!

Ugh... the last thing I want to do is do grad school apps... this trip reminded me of what it is like to be young and carefree. I cannot imagine being in grad school right now... with all of that READING and stress!!! I keep having this nagging feeling that I should wait an extra year... BUT at the same time, I should just get it over with??? oh what to do???!!!



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