Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where Is The Love? The Neighborly Love?

Yesterday, I awoke to a note from a neighbor...

On a small piece of paper, located under my windshield wiper, was a practically illegible note due to its smeared ink from the morning's dew.

The note TOLD (not asked) me to not park my car on the street next to my house. The neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous due to what I assume was cowardliness, had apparently already filed a complaint with the home owner's association (HOA). The neighbor kindly signed the note "Use your driveway." I can't help but sarcastically thank them for the suggestion!

Normally I would not be so angry but this is just one of the incidences where a neighbor complained about my family. We have lived there less than a year! The drama about our trashcan (which apparently is an unacceptable eye-sore) had just wrapped up not too long ago. I still do not see why we cannot keep our trashcan on the side of the house (not facing the street)... Now our tiny little garage is over-run with trash cans, but I guess that's not the point.

Well I have decided not to move my car for a number of reasons. 1. It might force the person to approach me and let me know why I should move my car (I can be swayed by a persuasive argument), 2. There is more than enough room for everyone, 3. Other people park their car on the curb as well (I hope I have not been singled out), 4. It is convenient not to block in the rest of the cars in the garage, 5. The mere principle...

If the HOA does do something about it, I will obviously move my car... but not just because a cowardly neighbor left a note on it. JERKS.

If the HOA cannot do anything about it (which I think they can't) I too can play this little game of note tag.

Here is a draft of what I think I will write, passive-aggressively:

Dear Anonymous Neighbor,

Thank you for your note, although I do not understand the complaint you have filed with the HOA. I would love to discuss your concerns in-person about the location of my car, on the side of my home. I would like to understand your reasoning because I feel that there is more than enough space for everyone.

Thy Neighbor

This incident was just a little reminder of what I left when I graduated. People in a college town would never be so rude or even care where your trash can or car lie. I sure don't, to each their own!




The HOA said that the spot is in a public area (outside of their jurisdiction) therefore I have every right to park my car there.

I have still been parking there ever since the note, and have yet to receive another one.

I still count it as a small victory.


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