Saturday, February 12, 2011

ALL ABOUT APPS... My First Rejection and Interview

Updates on my application:

Today I got my first rejection letter. I cannot say I am too bummed since it was a place I truly did not see myself at, but applied anyway. I figured i might have some sort of epiphany if I was invited to go there and visited... I guess I would have given it a fighting chance at the interview, but alas I never even got an interview.

The more and more I think about it, the chances of me going to graduate school next year into a doctoral psychology program (clinical or I/O) is slim... VERY slim.

It's not the matter of grades, research experience, work experience, letters, basically anything I can be in super control of, because I have all of that stuff....

It all boils down to my freaking GRE score. A standardized test that I feel I cannot do well on studying on my own. I studied for 3 months to get my AVERAGE 1200. I think if I had the golden score of 1400, I would have no problem.

I only got one interview this year, for a program pretty low on my list. I went, but I got the vibe that the program was not the right fit for me.

I could not help but feel sad when people talked about how they had other interviews, or even their unwavering passion for the field itself... The confidence that YES this particular program of psychology is definitely for me.

Working has brought me a lot of experience, not only professionally but in life. It has made me thinking critically about what I want for the future. Subsequently, this critical thinking has just made me more confused and indecisive more than ever.

I guess now I just have another year to tackle it head on.

I will study for the GRE again, and take a prep course. I will throw down $3000, if I have to.
I will move into the city and take some courses.
I will work really hard at my job, in case graduate school just doesn't pan out.

This next year is the last year I will be applying. I have a feeling that things will work out for me no matter what. Either way I am in a good position.

If I do get in, it will be weird to think that people in my cohort will have already gotten their master's right when I am just starting out.

I really need to transcend this whole being on a time-line thing! I should just freeze my eggs now, just in case.... haha.