Saturday, February 12, 2011

What have I signed myself up for?!

I am a very weak person. I have never played sports (for long) and spend most of my time sitting.

I recognize that I need to build strength and muscle, in order to be a healthier person. I also want to do so before I am a frail old woman that would break bones if she tripped!

Thus, I decided to sign up for a 5K run… then I decided to sign up for another one TWO WEEKS AFTER.

Just so you know, I have NEVER run a mile in under 11 minutes. I am SLLLOOOOWWW. I average around 12 or so minutes a mile.

I have about 2 months to train until April.

Wish me luck! I will surely need it.

Until then, I will be Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shredding It Up and running occassionally at the gym.

I hope to finish the 5 K in about ~10 minutes per mile.

I did 3 miles on the elliptical today and it took me just under 40 minutes. I think I can reach my goal, even though today I was a LIMP noodle after I got off. I could barely walk.

I’ll keep you posted!



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