Saturday, February 12, 2011


This was posted on my tumblr, but I figured I would put it on here too... since i am updating my blog all of a sudden. (this is from Nov. 2010)

My life lately has been full of transitions. It ranges from the tiny, like moving my blog from Blogger onto Tumblr, to the BIG, as I will discuss into depth later.

This last year was one of my difficult years so far in my young life. I have said that statement a number of times before (I can be quite melodramatic), but I have never meant it so deeply and so truly.

Many of these transitions have been very difficult. I can only imagine how many transitions are yet to come, before things will truly be settled once more.

In the last year, I have transitioned from:

A Student to A Young Professional

Studying in a less than 5 hour work-week to Working a 40 hour work-week

Living for Night Life to Living for the Weekend

Being a Poor College Student to an “Adult” on a Tight Budget

Living with Friends to Living with Family

Being Together to Being Long Distance (with my relationship)

Being Able to Say My “Parents” to Only Saying My Mom (my father passed last year)

Living in a College Town to Living in my Home Town (that most people my age have already fled)

As time has gone by, things are starting to settle down. I am sure it will only be a matter of time before it becomes uprooted again.

Through all of these transitions, I see that I am gaining the strength and independence that I never knew I had.

I used to think I was a person who needed stability. I am starting to feel like change is welcome in order for me to grow.

I can weather any storm.

- aMusingsBlog

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